Bertrand Lorent

Electronics engineer, specialized in multimedia-related software development and optimization. Very good knowledge of low-resource embedded systems, particularly based on the Linux OS & kernel, and strong experience in designing, porting and optimizing code for multiple architectures (ARM, x86) and operating systems (Linux, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Orbis).

Short term objectives : specialize in new software ecosystems (iOS, Tizen, *BSD), increase knowledge in GPU computing, learn italian.

Bertrand Lorent


» Embedded Software Engineer at Softkinetic (2011 - now)

I'm currently working within the Embedded Software team, which is mainly focused on the porting and optimization of our solutions to embedded platforms, and on the development of the 3D camera drivers for all major operating systems.

Recent work includes the porting of our drivers and image processing libraries to Android platforms, to the Sony Playstation 4 and to Mac OSX, which required heavy optimization in ARM and x86 SIMD instructions, and the use of GPGPU for the heaviest algorithms. I'm also responsible for the creation of OpenGL applications illustrating the correct use of our SDKs and used for commercial showcases, and frequently involved in short missions as level 3 support.

I'm also project leader for our internal signal filtering library, a role which includes development/optimization of new algorithms, documentation and testing of existing code, handling of the cross-platform build system and management of the lifecycle of the library.

» Junior Software Developer at Deltatec / Deltacast (2009 - 2011)

Involvement in various software projects, including image processing, GUI design (.Net, Gtk, Qt), network communications, video processing, 3D applications, MSSQLServer interface software, ...

Development and maintenance of proprietary linux kernel drivers for ASI/SDI/DVI-HDMI acquisition cards

Various missions in the IT department (websites creation and maintenance, network management, link with marketing department, ...)

» R&D internship at Alterface (2008 - 2009)

Alongside with my master thesis, creation of a new real-time wireless communication protocol to be used in future interactive games. The main challenge was to be able to provide a low and deterministic latency to at least 50 nodes, using low-power communication devices. Final delivery included a state-of-the-art survey of the low-power/low-latency wireless protocols, a theoretical design and a functional implementation (hardware prototype and customized software protocol stack based on TI CC2530).

» Web Development internship at Callataÿ and Wouters (2008)

As part of the web development team, update and redesign of the company intranet.


2009 - Master Degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering, specialization in Mecatronics, Electronic Circuits and Systems at Université Catholique de Louvain (with honors)

Thesis : Design of a wireless real-time communication system for interactive applications

Member of various student associations. President of a Non-Profit Organization (24 team members, 300.000 € turnover, lots of contact with furnishers and authorities)


Software Development - Multimedia applications/tools design, user-space and kernel-space programming, unit testing, automated build/performance monitoring, packaging, embedded platforms debugging, ...

Software Tools - Common IDEs, profiling and optimization tools (Intel C++ Studio, opensource tools, ARM DS-5), various Version Control Systems

Software Design - Object-oriented programming, Modular Software Development, MVC architecture, Build systems design

Programming Languages - C/C++, C++-CLI, C#, Python, VHDL, Verilog. Basic knowledge of Shell script, XML, Java

User Interfaces - Design of advanced User Interfaces with Microsoft .Net Framework, cross-platforms UIs with Gtk, Qt, Qt Embedded

Multimedia - OpenGL, SDL, Shaders, GPGPU (Cuda, OpenCL)

Web Development - HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.Net, MSSQLServer, MySQL, RubyOnRails

Misc - Excellent written (documentation, specifications, ...) and oral communication, autonomous, very quick learner, very thorough, client-oriented, quality-focused


French - mother tongue

English - full professional proficiency (verbal and written)

Dutch - beginner level (verbal and written). Practice needed


  • 3D modelling and animation, web design, electronics (domotics, wireless, embedded systems, ...)
  • Volleyball player since 1993, 2nd national division and team leader of junior national team (1999 - 2003). Sports in general
  • Construction-related manual labor : plumbing, HVAC, electricity, domotics, woodcraft, ...

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Bertrand Lorent

2nd February 1985

Belgian, married, 3 children

+32 478 94 26 32

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